Giving Back | TwoStick Frames by Chirpwood

TwoStick Frames by Chirpwood

Giving Back

Half of the profits from the sale of TwoStick frames go to the Bridge2Rwanda scholars program. 
Bridge2Rwanda (B2R) has chosen a strategy to invest deeply in a few, who will in turn influence the many. The mission of the Bridge2Rwanda Scholars Program is to a create a fellowship of globally educated, entrepreneurial servant leaders working together in Africa – committed to their countries and one another.  The B2R Scholars Program has established itself as one of the most effective university preparation programs to help African students earn international scholarships. The ultimate goal is to have a real, sustainable, and long-term impact on development in Africa by investing in its future generation of leaders.

 Since 2011, the program has helped 206 Rwandan students earn more than $50 million of scholarships to more than 78 universities in five countries.